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The decision to purchase the right panel rollforming line for your current and future needs is not easy!

 Each configuration has its own advantages and disadvantages depending on the application and existing set up in your plant.


ASC offers a raft of different options for the ALPHA, SELECT AND CLASSIC SERIES to suit your specific product and budget requirements.

The Alpha Series is lower-cost option for customers with reduced production volumes with line speeds of up to 150 FPM.

The Select Series and Classic Series are designed for customers with increased production needs and offer a variety of additional features to improve throughput and efficiency. Depending on the product, the Cut-off system and drive system the line speed can vary from 100 to 450 FPM!

One of the first decisions is the rollformer design. Would you like to go with a Single Height (1 Profile), Dual Height (2 Profiles) or a Subplated Line to add multiple profiles in the future?

Please scroll down to find some more information.


ASC Single Height Rollforming Lines produce one profile and typically have between 14 to 24 forming passes.


The sheet metal passes through a single entry guide into the tooling rolls. Each Forming pass consist of a two stands, one on the inboard and one on the outboard side.


Depending on material thickness and line speeds these lines are driven through chains, a gearbox-drive beam/chain combination or a complete gear-box drive train.  


All of our Single Height Panel Rollforming lines are available with Pre- or Post-Cut Shears.


Our Dual Height Panel Lines produce two profiles on one roll former base.  These machines are the perfect choice for customers to produce two different panel shapes (e.g. AG and R/PBR) on the same rollforming line. Floor space can be very expensive!

Dual Height rollformers have a double set of stands (one high and one low) , precision ground shafts and up to 2 x 24 forming passes with tooling.  


Each profile runs on a set of different height stands and the finished product exits the roll former on either the lower or upper level.

ASC’s Dual Height precut lines feature a Pre-Cut Shear and a height adjustable pre-cut conveyor to guide the sheet into the upper or lower tooling rolls.


Our Post-Cut Roll Former are equipped with two entry guides, one for each profile and have a hydraulic "Double" Post-Cut Shear with two sets of profiled shear blades.

Depending on the application all pre- and post-cut lines can be driven through chain drive system or a gear box drive train to suit low or high throughput requirements

The AlphaSelect and Classsic Series are all available as Dual Height Panel Rollforming lines .



Whether you have limited floor space or you would like to utilize a Single Height Panel rollforming line to produce various profiles, there are many reasons to go with a subplated rollformer from ASC.

On our subplated Rollformer Lines multiple stands, shafts and tooling are mounted to a set of subplates which easily be changed out using a fork lift truck or an overhead crane.


Each subplate carries 4 to 6 forming passes depending on the total number of rollforming passes.


The drive input is typically from a drive beam that connects via quick couplers to a stand on each subplate.  Quick changeover times of approx. 20-30 minutes make it possible to switch between profiles multiple times a day.


The option for subplated tooling is available for our Select Series and Classic Series Roll Formers.

The second step would be to choose the best cut-off method for your panel profile(s).


We will help you to find the best solution carefully considering all important factors, for example profile shape, typical panel length, material thickness, desired throughput and overall budget.

ASC offers all of our SINGLE and DUAL HEIGHT Rollforming lines with either a Pre-cut and/or Post-cut systems.

Down below you will find some more information on which Cut-Off System might be the right one for you.



Are you looking for a rollforming line to produce a common Metal Wall or Roofing profile, for example AG, R, PBR, 5V,...?

Then you will be able to choose between a Pre-Cut or Post-Cut Rollforming line. 



Certain Roofing Panels are produced on Pre-Cut Rollforming Lines because they require punching and notching which can only be done on a flat sheet.

Especially Standing Seam Panels incl. Snap Lock, Mechanical Seam, Trapezoidal, or Vertical Seam are produced on a Pre-Cut Line.



Post-Cut lines reduce end flare, have a smaller footprint and can produce part length of only a couples inches.
Corrugated panels (1/4”,1/2”, 7/8”) and Deck profiles for example are mainly produced on Post-Cut Rollforming lines to avoid end flare.

Our Flying Post-Cut Shears give you the highest net throughput for AG, R, PBR, Corrugated and many other profiles.

ASC lines with flying hydraulic Post-Cut Shears reach speeds of up to 250 FPM. The ASC Mechanical press is the "Titan" under our Post-Cut shears with a max. line speed of up to 450 FPM!

All of ASC's panel lines feature ergonomic designs and user-friendly controls for enhanced productivity at a price "the boss will love".

You can find more information about our Panel Lines right here.

If you have any questions or need more detailed information please contact usYour Regional Sales Manager will be happy to discuss all available options to shape your success!

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