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With more than 70 years of experience, ASC is your choice for Roof and Floor Deck Rollforming Machinery.

Whether you're after a Feed-to-Stop Post-Cut Rollforming Line or a state-of-the-art High-Speed Flying Deck Line, ASC has the Roll Forming Equipment, experience and design to provide you with the right equipment to meet and exceed your needs.

All of our equipment comes at a very competitive price and is Made in Spokane,WA!

ASC 50,000lb Single Arm Uncoiler with Coil Car


-10K, 20K, 30K or 50K Single or Double Arm Drag Brake Uncoiler with Nip Arm

-Rotating or non-rotating Coil Car (Optional)

-Turnstile with 3 or 4 Arms (Optional)

ASC B-Deck Rollforming Line.JPG
Floor and Roof Deck Rollforming Line.jpg.jpg
300 FPM Floor and Roof Deck Rollforming Lin.JPG


- Fixed or subplated Embossing Stand with quick disconnect

- Numerous Embossing Profiles available for different styles of composite floor deck

- Easy Change over in minutes

300 FPM Floor and Roof Deck Rollforming Lin.JPG
Deck Rollforming - ASC Subplated


- Speeds from 100 to 300 FPM

- Dedicated or subplated Rollformer Base

- Chain or Gear Box Driven depending on application and line speed

- Gear Box Drive Beam for subplated Lines

300 FPM Floor and Roof Deck Rollforming Lin.JPG
ASC B-Deck Rollforming Line 3.JPG
300 FPM Floor and Roof Deck Rollforming Lin.JPG
Roof Deck and Floor Tooling


- D2 Roller Die Tooling designed and manufactured inhouse

- Rugged Cast Rollformer Stands

in different Heights allow the production of all Deck Profiles: 1.5", 2", 3", B-Deck, 9/16" and 15/16" Form-Deck, Dovetail and other profiles

- Venting and Hangar Tab Tooling (Optional)

- Rollformer auto-gauge set-up for faster changeover times (Optional)

300 FPM Floor and Roof Deck Rollforming Lin_edited.jpg
2 In Deck 80 Ton Mechanical Press.jpg


- 80 or 150 Ton Mechanical Press for 200 & 300 FPM High Speed Lines

- 2- or 4-Post Hydraulic Shear for Feed-to-Stop Lines

- Short Sheet Conveyor (Optional)

- Die Set Load Table for fast Die Change Over (Optional)

300 FPM Floor and Roof Deck Rollforming Lin.JPG
Deck Cut-Off Die Set_edited.jpg
ASC Deck Tray Stacker
ASC Deck Stacker with Side Transfer.JPG


- Heavy Duty Drop Tray Stacker

- Custom Tray Roller Stacker for painted products

- Full Belt Acceleration Conveyor for High Speed Lines

- Side Transfer Conveyors

DECK Flat belt Conveyor_edited.jpg
Deck Controller 3_edited_edited.jpg


- ASC Multi Batch Controller allowing FTP or USB  Up/Download, Access to Production Data & Coil Consumption, Remote Access capability for fast Technical Support and more

- Separate Operator Consoles for Coil Handling Front End

ASC Mulit Bact Deck Roll Former_edited.jpg
Deck Rollformer EWON Remote Access_edited.jpg
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