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ASC Retrofit Can Equipment

ASC’s AC Mandrel Drive upgrade package maximizes the potential of ASC Uncoilers. This retrofit package replaces existing hydraulic drive components with high
efficient, responsive AC electric motors controlled via variable frequency drives. This integrated package results in superior loop control and consistent operation
coil after coil.

The AC mandrel drive system eliminates potential leak points, reduces Uncoiler HPU operating temperatures, and offers simplified direct electronic control without the
need for an electrohydraulic interface. When compared to a typical hydraulic drive system, the VFD system allows for a significantly smaller, higher efficient,
hydraulic power unit. This can drastically simplify maintenance and reduce downtimes due to common hydraulic issues.

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Included with this package are the following premium components:

• 5 HP @ 60 HZ/5.4 HP @ 50 HZ premium efficient helical bevel Nord gearmotor

• New mandrel head gear housing

• New pinion gear and input shaft

• New Motor Control Center with Allen Bradley PLC and Allen Bradley Powerflex 525 VFDs

• ASC’s current generation Laser Smartloop control

Increased reaction times, simplified troubleshooting, increased energy efficiency, and more consistent mandrel control are a few of the many advantages that come with an ASC AC Mandrel Drive upgrade system. 

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A) “Top mount style”

Power Unit Non-L-Shape trans.png

B) Existing Uncoiler

Power Unit L-Shape trans.png

C) “L-style”

One additional benefit of ASC’s AC Mandrel Drive upgrade package is the reduced hydraulic power unit requirements. By replacing the hydraulic drive mandrel components, it is possible to replace the existing larger hydraulic power unit with a compact, energy-efficient 3 horsepower hydraulic power unit.


This hydraulic power unit includes the following components:

• (1) 3 HP premium efficient electric motor

• (1) Variable volume pressure compensated pump

• (1) 20 gallon compact reservoir

• (1) four station D03 manifold and (4) hydraulic directional valves for all remaining hydraulic functions (mandrel head 1 and 2 expand/collapse, locking pin extend/retract, slew CW/CCW)

• (1) compact oil/air heat exchanger

• All hoses and fittings from the hydraulic power unit to the manifold are provided. The only hoses required will be the (8) working port hoses from the new manifold to the existing uncoiler (mandrel head 1 and 2 expand/collapse, locking pin extend/retract, slew CW/CCW).

The new HPU greatly simplifies the hydraulics for the uncoiler, and eliminates many potential leak points and extraneous components. This simplifies troubleshooting and reduces maintenance costs associates with the uncoiler hydraulics.

ASC Double Arm Uncoilers have two main styles of existing hydraulic power unit. If the existing hydraulic power unit is a removable, roll-out reservoir, then the new HPU supplied will be a “top mount style” of reservoir (Figure A), to be located in the existing uncoiler base (Figure B).


If the existing hydraulic power unit has a weld-in, base weldment integrated 86 gallon reservoir, then the new HPU supplied will be an “L-style” reservoir (Figure C), which will be mounted outside of the existing uncoiler base


3 Laser with background more detail.jpg

The Laser Smartloop control system is a state-of-the-art payoff control system designed by ASC Machine Tools, Inc. specifically for ASC-manufactured electric drive uncoilers. This system is a non-contacting method of controlling the uncoiler speed by monitoring the coil diameter with one high precision laser.


This is a self-adjusting system provided with a program, which will calculate the proper uncoiler speed for all diameters of coil within the operating range of the uncoiler. A speed command signal is required.

The loop control system utilizes the customer provided speed reference signal in conjunction with the coil diameter laser in order to calculate the required output speed for the mandrel. Once the base speed is calculated by the program, the uncoiler will provide a smooth payoff for the complete coil.


The system consists of a coil diameter sensing laser, control components, mounting brackets, a laser stand, and trim loop position sensing. The trim loop position sensing is accomplished via an array consisting of multiple photoeyes and reflectors.

The system is continuously self-correcting, making minor corrections to the uncoiler speed to compensate for the decreasing coil diameter. Trim loop position sensing is provided to monitor the loop height and correct for any small speed adjustment requirements.

This advanced, proactive loop control system reduces operator intervention and rapidly adjusts to changing press speeds automatically. Mandrel powertrain longevity is increased due to the smooth ramping built into the loop control software.

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If you have any questions about which retrofit will work for your equipment please contact us. Thank you!

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