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Pinch Roll Feeder and coil Car Can indus


ASC Pinch Roll Feeders are designed to condition and feed coil stock and control the feed loop into a cupper or shell press.

Models are available to handle bare or pre-lubricated steel or aluminum coil stock of varying widths of coil up to 74” (1879 mm) wide, and lineal sheet speeds of up to 150 feet per minute (46 meters per minute).

ASC Pinch Roll Feeder CAN Industry
ASC Can Stock Pinch Roll Feeder



- UNIST application systems provide precise lubricant lay-down and dispersal

- APEX or SPR-2000 controllers available
- VFD electric payoff drive with electronic loop control

- Optional extended catenaries for swing-away press feed applications
- Optional roll-out tracks with quick disconnect connections
- Optional coil counters or electronic length measuring systems
- CE, OSHA, CSA, UL, and NFPA compliance is available
- Available with any voltage and frequency, for worldwide service.

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