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ASC Vertical Shell Uncoiler - Dereeler


With our innovative, patented "S-Loop" feed system and installations in service worldwide, ASC Vertical Shell Press Uncoilers (Dereeler/Decoiler) are designed specifically for narrow-width shell press feed applications.

Standard weight capacities of 18,000 lbs (8 metric tonnes) minimize strip changes and maximize press uptime.


Shell stock up to 24” (610mm) wide can be safely and consistently transitioned from a vertical orientation to a horizontal orientation and fed into the shell press.  

Every ASC Vertical Shell Uncoiler is delivered with ASC’s cutting-edge laser loop control.  This proprietary control package measures coil diameter and, performing calculations based on press information, provides real-time accurate speed commands to the Vertical Shell Uncoiler turntable.


The system is continuously self-correcting, making minor corrections to the uncoiler speed to compensate for the decreasing coil diameter.  Trim loop position sensing is provided to monitor the loop height and correct for any small speed adjustment requirements.

ASC Vertical Shell Uncoiler - Dereeler


Features & Options:

- Multiple coils allow quicker coil changeovers
- Patented ASC "S-Loop" control design with torque sensing
- Dual VFD controls on turntable and tugger drives
- Patented ASC electronic loop control systems
- Optional helical feed table for incline press installations
- CE, OSHA, CSA, UL, and NFPA compliance is available
- Available with any voltage and frequency, for worldwide service.

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