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ASC Vertical Tab Uncoiler - Dereeler

With hundreds of units in service feeding Conversion Presses worldwide, ASC Vertical Tabstock Uncoiler (Dereeler/Decoiler) set the standard in the industry.

ASC's Vertical Tabstock Uncoiler are durable, electrically-controlled, self-contained machines designed for supporting and allowing payout of strip material stock from coils stacked vertically (eye-to-the-sky) upon the turntable.


Capacities up to 25,000 lbs (11 metric tonnes) and stack heights up to 72" (1.8M) minimize strip changes and maximize press uptime.

ASC Vertical Tab Dereeler - Uncoiler


Features & Options

- Quicker coil change-overs
- Proprietary ASC "InnerLoop" control design
- Dual VFD controls on turntable and tugger drives
- Mechanical, electro-mechanical, or electronic loop control systems
- Optional loop control 90 degree transition stands for offset feed installations
- Optional Circular Perimeter Guarding
- CE, OSHA, CSA, UL, and NFPA compliance is available
- Available with any voltage and frequency, for worldwide service

Vertical Tab with optional Circular Perimeter Guarding

- New and improved non-contact loop monitoring with laser loop height control is now available as an option.  This option controls the Tugger gearmotor speed via the floor mounted non-contact loop cage, which utilizes a high precision laser to detect the height of the loop and automatically adjusts the tugger speed as required.  

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