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The ASC Laser Smartloop control system offers precision loop control over the full range of coil diameters.

Press reference speed monitoring and Uncoiler speed adjustments are handled by ASC’s SmartLoop technology - the industry’s first and most advanced intuitive, self-learning speed control system.

ASC Laser SmartLoop


The Laser Smartloop Control System is a state-of-the-art payoff control system designed by ASC Machine Tools, Inc. specifically for ASC-manufactured Uncoiler


The Laser Smartloop is a non-contacting method of controlling the Uncoiler speed by monitoring the coil 
diameter with one high precision laser. This is a self-adjusting system provided with a program, which will calculate the proper Uncoiler speed for all diameters of coil within the operating range of the Uncoiler. A speed command signal is required.

The loop control system utilizes the customer provided speed reference signal in conjunction with the coil diameter laser in order to calculate the required output speed for the mandrel. Once the base speed is calculated by the program, the Uncoiler will provide a smooth payoff for the complete coil.

​The system consists of a laser, an analog input card, mounting brackets, a laser stand, and trim loop 
position sensing. The trim loop position sensing may be accomplished via trim laser, a photoeye light array, or multiple photoeyes with reflectors.


The system is continuously self-correcting, making minor corrections to the Uncoiler speed to compensate for the decreasing coil diameter.  Trim loop position sensing is provided to monitor the loop height and correct for any small speed adjustment requirements.
* Identification of this optional accessory is as an “LL” suffix at the end of the Uncoiler (any style or size)
If you have any questions about the Laser Smartloop Control System please don't hesitate to contact us.


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