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Remote Support - More valuable than ever!

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EWON Remote Access Kit ASC


For more than a decade ASC Machine Tools, Inc. has offered secure EWON Remote Access Service for all of it's rollforming lines. Many customers decided to go with the service and are now profiting from fast technical support - at no additional charge!

For ASC customers without EWON Remote Access we are excited to announce a new service option -  “ASC EWON Expedite Service”

This service will allow ASC's engineering and field service team to access and troubleshoot your machine remotely via direct connect or Wi-Fi connection. The benefit will be reduced downtime and efficient optimization of your machine.

The process to request the remote service is very simple. Email or call our Customer Service Teams to request the "ASC EWON Expedited Service". Our team will send you an email outlining the program and ask you to return that email with your approval of the service.

Once confirmed, the EWON kit will then be sent to you including simple and clear instructions on how to link in our EWON to your ASC equipment (PLC, internet connection, and power supply). 

Once the connection is made, the troubleshooting process can begin. It’s that simple! For more information please contact us at (509) 534-6600 or use our contact forms.

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