ASC 4 Arm Coil Turnstile 30,000

The ASC Rotating Turnstile is an economical approach to adding flexibility to coil handling operations.

By prepositioning additional coils near an uncoiler, operators can provide quick changeover of coils based on production demand rather than the availability of cranes or lift trucks.

The ASC Turnstile features efficient hydraulic power on a heavy-duty thrust rotation bearing, ensuring years of low maintenance operation. The robust design ensures smooth rotation  regardless of coil load symmetry.

Turnstile Coil Handling CZ Purlin

Coil Turnstiles are available in three-arm or four-arm configuration to suit customer requirements and/or physical space limitations.

When utilized with an ASC Coil car, a turnstile can facilitate storage and loading of a large range of coil sizes. This is especially important in a short-run production environment that requires staging partial coils of a specific color, gauge, or width.

ASC turnstiles are available in several models to safely handle coils weighing up to 30,000# (13.6 MT) per arm for a total of 90,000 or 120,000# (40-54 MT)



Available with any voltage and frequency for worldwide service

UHMW covered arms for reverse-painted material.

Coil hook loading capability.

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