Time-proven designs and industrial-duty construction are just two of the reasons why there are hundreds of ASC Coil Upenders currently in operation all over the world. Durability, ease of operation and maintenance, and a variety of safety features have made this upender the industry standard for quality.

All units feature centralized lubrication points for ease of maintenance and fail-safe brakes on the rotating and upending functions for maximum operator protection.

ASC manufactures two different types of coil upenders to handle a wide range of coils, from heavy-gauge steel for framing members to light-gauge aluminum beverage can stock. Rotating Coil Upenders.

The rotating model will upend palletized coils 90º while simultaneously rotating through 180º. This allows the lift truck operator to load and unload from the same position.

Non-Rotating Coil Upenders The non-rotating model will upend palletized coils 90º. The load and unload positions will be opposite one another. This is often preferred for crane unloading.

Semi-Portable, Easy To Maintain Both units are semi-portable with all electric operation. A remote pendant allows the operator to upend coils while seated on the lift truck for increased safety and convenience.


Coil Upender

Coil Upender

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Upender Features:

  • Capacity: ASC Upenders are available to safely handle coils weighing up to 50,000# (25 MT)
  • Gear or Chain Drive Both gear drive and chain drive models are available to cover a wide spectrum of coil widths, diameters and materials
  • Power Requirements: Available with any voltage and frequency for worldwide service


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